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HLP-A100 series is Holip new generation

Technical Specifications:

Supply voltage: three phase 380-480V -20%-+10%;

Frequency: 48-62Hz;

Max Imbalance: 3%;

Output voltage: three phase 0-100% of supply voltage;

Output f requency: V/F : 0-400Hz , VVC+: 0-200Hz;

Control mode: V/F, VVC+;

Start torque: 1Hz 150%;

Overload capacity: 150% rated output current (60s),200% rated output current(1s);

PWM switch frequency: 2K-16KHz;

Speed setting resulation: Digital: 0.001Hz; analogy: 0.5‰ of the max. operating f requency ;

Speed open-loop Control Accuracy: 30 - 4000 r pm: tolerance±8 r pm;

Speed closed-loop Control Accuracy: 0 - 6000 r pm: tolerance±0. 1 5 r pm;

Control command Source: LCP , digital terminal, local bus;

Frequency setting: LCP , analog, pulse, local bus;

Ramp control: Selectable 4-speed steps ramp up and down times 0.05-3600.00s;

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HLP-C100 series Holip Inverter Mini Vector Drvie

HLP-C100 series is Holip new generation of high-guahty. hgh reliability mni drive, tailored specifically for small power motors, with a compact size and easy to use II can be widely used in food, packaging, knitting, engraving, washing, offset printing and shutter doors machinery, etc

AC 1PH 200V(-20%)~240V(+10%) 0.37~1.5kW AC 3PH 200V(-20%)~240V(+10%) 0.37~1.5kW AC 3PH 380V(-20%)~480V(+10%) 0.75~2.2kW

    Use advanced thermal simulation technology, with a compact size, saving installation space;

    Independent wind way and easy replacement fan design;

    Wide voltage range;

    Use high-quality incremental potentiometer;

    Different speed with different ramp time;

    RFI switch;

    One key to restore user parameters;

    PCBA 100% coating coverage

    Use standard Modbus protocol, easy to compose centralized control system


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Screw Air Compressor

Product Information
ures Of Belt Driven Screw Air Compressor
1 . Air end with high-efficiency
2. Double Screw with low noise, Super Silenced Enclosure
3. Elegant compact design. Fully open access door to inner parts for easy service.
4. 100% Continuous duty operation. Load/No Load operation
5. High quality CE Certificate industrial electric motors. ISO,CE,UL Certificate
6. Easy to use and read LCD control panel
7. High temperature, high pressure and anti-rotation shutdown
8. Energy efficient operation
9. 5 micron, water-resistant air filtration material
10. 1year full machine warranty,3years air end warranty.
11. Supply the machine with different working voltage according to customer's request,
such as: 380Volt,3phase,50hz
220Volt,3phase and 60hz, etc.

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HLP-series Holip Invertert

HLP-B series is Holip new generation of high performance, multifunction vector drive based on Danfoss technology platform. It has four control modes: speed open-loop, speed closed-loop, process closed loop and torque open loop, can be widely applied to speed control of induction motors and synchronous motors. It has wobble, cascade and winder application functions. In order to meet different customer needs. HIP-6 series provide a wealth of expansion cards.
AC 1PH 200V(-10%)~240V(+10%) 0.37~2.2kW
AC 3PH 200V(-10%)~240V(+10%) 0.37~3.7kW
AC 3PH 380V(-10%)~480V(+10%) 0.75~75kW

    Use high-performance vector control algorithms, it has high speed precision and fast response;

    Suitable for both asynchronous and synchronous motors speed control;

    Book-type design, side by side mounting saves the user installation space;

    Built-in simple PLC controller can achieve a variety of logic control;

    Auto Energy optimization, automatically adjusts the drive output power according to the load to save energy;

    ≥18.5kW models built-in DC reactor, effectively suppress harmonic current disturbance;

    ≥30kW models dual capacity design;

    Rich peripheral expansion card (IO expansion card, Copy card, PG card and CANopen card);


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